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The Barnyard, an incredible chicken restaurant located in Bradenton’s Oneco Farmer’s Market, has quite a back story. It all started when Ciliana and Gladys were seeking “the next thing” in their lives. It was August of 2019, and the great Popeye’s chicken sandwich dispute was in full swing. The sisters decided they could make a better sandwich, so they did!

Firstly the business began at the kitchen table, and after refining the recipe, they began preparing chicken sandwiches on their mother’s screened-in porch. Nobody expected what occurred next.

 The Barnyard Owners

So after that people lined up around the block every day to get their hands on this incredible chicken sandwich. They created a drive-through system, figured out how to take credit card payments, and even hired employees. The Barnyard fry their chicken using pots of oil on the stove and fry it in oil using a frying pan.

They started out as a restaurant and soon their clientele grew and became more diverse. Eventually, they knew they needed to move into a commercial space. The stars aligned when they came across a restaurant going out of business and were able to get a great deal on all the equipment.

Moreover, by June of 2020, they had sold over 9,000 chicken sandwiches. With no formal training, no business plan, and no investors, they dove in headfirst. By May 31st of 2021, they were voted “Business of the Year” at the Oneco Farmer’s Market.


Best Wings – The Barnyard

They wouldn’t reveal their secret recipes but say they use marinades and seasonings that are just a bit different than you’re used to. So if you’re a first-timer, you may want to stick with the original chicken sandwich topped with bacon, special sauce, and Swiss cheese.

The Barnyard also sells daily-made fresh-squeezed lemonade in varieties like classic, strawberry, pina colada, and strawberry pina colada.


Below are a few sample reviews from Yelp.

A Yelp reviewer wrote:

I’m so glad I found this place! The first time I visited this place I was craving chicken and so, I looked to Yelp to find a good chicken restaurant (as it is hard to find one) so of course I was very happy to find this place. It is located in the farmers market store (I got lost trying to find this place so I had to call in to find out where it was) and the market place is filled with other restaurants and stores as well (so definitely check it out) the wings are definitely one of my favorites and of course the “issa wrap” is good too!!! My hubby and I like it a lot, and it’s our go to. Im really glad I found this place and I plan to be a regular customer 🙂 (been there 3 times already)

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