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Top Sushi Restaurants on and around Anna Maria Island


Visiting Anna Maria Island, and wondering where the best sushi restaurants are?

Don’t fret! We’re here to help.

When visiting this slice of heaven that is Anna Maria Island, you’ll find anything your heart may crave.

From traditional Japanese sushi to modern fusion, AMI literally has something for everyone.

So whether you’re on Anna Maria Island itself, and stopping by one of its neighboring areas, we’ve compiled this sushi guide especially for you.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Island Ocean Star on Anna Maria Island

Located right on the marina, the Island Ocean Star is simply a must-visit when on Anna Maria Island.

The Island Ocean Star restaurant, immediately perched on Anna Maria Island Marina
Credits to Restaurant Guru

Renowned for its authentic Japanese Cuisine, this particular sushi restaurant offers a plethora of menu options for all tastes.

You can order anything from your classic sushi choices like California rolls and spicy tuna rolls, or if you’re looking for a more authentic experience, make sure to try out their sashimi and nigiri.

Whatever your craving may be, you’re bound to satisfy at Anna Maria Island’s Island Ocean Star.

An exquisite and full boat of different kinds of sushi and sashimi
Credits to OpenTable

And let’s not forget to mention the super friendly staff over there – they’ll make you feel right at home!

Overall, this sushi restaurant’s cozy atmosphere mixed with its perfect location, right on the water, make it the ideal spot to kick back and relax, all whilst enjoying some mouthwatering cuisine.

It even made it into our personal “Best Sushi Section“! So make sure to check it out in more details over there.

Sushi Hana Restaurant

We can’t really make a proper Anna Maria Island sushi guide without mentioning Sushi Hana.

While this particular restaurant may not be right on Anna Maria Island – it’s actually in Bradenton, a mere 20 minute drive to the island.

A colorful and beautifully decorated plate of sushi - such are the plates at Sushi Hana
Credits to TripAdvisor

A family owned sushi restaurant since 2014, Sushi Hana offers quite the exquisite and wide range of Japanese cuisine.

A few favorite dishes of our that we’d recommend to you are the Jumbo roll and the Avocado Bomb appetizers – they’re simply out of this world!

Their portion sizes are quite generous, and they even vegetarian options on their menus – it’s very inclusive.

So if you’re looking for a casual dining experience with your friends, or a romantic dinner with your partner, you’ll absolutely love this restaurant.

A colorful and beautifully decorated plate of sushi - such are the plates at Sushi Hana
Credits to OpenTable

And don’t let its smaller appearance fool you. It boasts quite the cozy and friendly ambiance.

Add to that it’s familial and extremely helpful restaurant staff, and you’ll definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Kona Grill

An award-winning, upscale restaurant in Sarasota, Kona Grill has earned its spot on our list.

The Kona Grill in downtown Sarasota
Credits to USA Restaurants

Just a short drive to Anna Maria Island, you simply must stop by Kona Grill when heading to the island.

Its exclusive menu, mouthwatering dishes and impeccable service really set it apart from any other restaurant.

And its menu isn’t just limited to sushi – it also offers a variety of steak and seafood options.

You’ll even find it littered with American and Asian inspired dishes, to satisfy your cravings with the most exquisite cuisine.

Best of all, if you’re looking to grab a quick bite with a drink or cocktail, make sure to drop by during their Happy Hour, between 2pm and 6pm.

A plate of sushi with a burger and fries, a side of edamame, and a cold drink - a variety in the menu options at the Kona Grill in Sarasota
Credits to utc Sarasota

And did we forget to mention? Kona Grill has an “order catering” option.

So if you’re hosting a private event or even a small get together, you can easily reach out to them to cater your event with the best seafood, sushi and steak options they offer.

Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill

When the words fresh, flavorful and creative come to mind, we can’t help but immediately think of Sarasota’s Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill.

Renowned for its sleek, contemporary design and extensive sushi menu, you’ll experience the real taste of Japan when visiting this restaurant.

Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill in Sarasota
Credits to Sarasota Magazine

Tsunami’s creativity when creating its dishes really boost it to stand alone as an trendsetter in Asian fusion cuisine.

Make sure to try out their spicy tuna rolls and rainbow rolls – those are a big hit amongst the restaurant’s clientele.

And if you’re worried about your friends and family members who tag along but don’t really like fish and sushi, don’t worry.

To best cater to its customers, Tsunami has created a scrumptious vegetarian and vegan menu to choose from.

A table filled with three separate types of plates and a house cocktail, offered at Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill
Credits to Visit Sarasota

And don’t you dare miss out on their hibachi grill – it’s simply a fun and interactive experience for the whole group.

The latter will be perfectly complemented with the restaurant’s drink menu, from Japanese beers to premium saké and Tsunami house cocktails.

Nothing left to say, other than that Tsunami is honestly a one of a kind experience that you can’t miss out on.

JPAN Sushi & Grill

No sushi restaurant list is complete without the mention of JPAN Sushi & Grill.

Now this particular restaurant is one of our personal favorites.

Located in Sarasota, a quick 30 minute drive to Anna Maria Island, this sushi restaurant’s customers can’t stop raving about its fresh served fish and super friendly staff.

A wide spread of authentic Japanese sushi rolls at JPAN Sushi and Grill restaurant
Credits to Facebook

It especially prides itself on its menu’s wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi and hibachi dishes.

From traditional rolls and appetizers, to low carb and vegetarian rolls, and even house specials and various sushi combos, their menu is nothing short of all-encompassing.

An inside tip, make sure to try out their pork dumplings and Salmon Carppacio – they’re simply to die for!

One of the many signature cocktails at JPAN Sushi & Grill restaurant
Credits to Facebook

And what better to complement these authentic dishes than a glass of Japanese beer, or even better, saké.

Not to mention their numerous colorful cocktail options.

Overall, JPAN Sushi & Grill is a must-visit on your way to Anna Maria Island.

Yume Sushi

Last but certainly not least, we can’t leave you without talking about Yume Sushi.

Voted Sarasota’s best local sushi restaurant, and located just a 30 minute drive from Anna Maria Island, Yume Sushi is bound to grant you of one the best dining experiences you’ve ever had.

Yume Sushi lounge in Sarasota
Credits to SRQ reviews

And its menu is as authentic as Japanese meals can get.

Start off with a selection of its many appetizers – we’d personally recommend the Shumai Dumplings and the Harumaki, then move on to one of its entrées fresh off the grill.

And make sure to try out one of the many Tempura dinners they have on their menu.

They also have a “chef’s special” section of their menu, with a variety of dishes from the Yume pizza to the Tuna à la Bomb.

A colorful spread of several kinds of rolls at the Yume lounge in Sarasota
Credits to Facebook

And we’ve barely scratched the surface with all their mouthwatering dishes.

Make sure to grab a cup of Japanese beer or saké with your meal, for the ultimate Japanese experience.

All that, and add on the friendliest of staffs and liveliest of ambiance, and you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

So when stopping by Anna Maria Island next time, make sure to cover all these grounds if you’re looking for the ultimate sushi experience.

And if you’re looking to visit the area, and not sure yet where to stay, Tstays has you covered.

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