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Top Nightlife Hotspots on Anna Maria Island


When you first step foot on Anna Maria Island, first thing you’re bound to gravitate to is its mesmerizing beaches and its water sports and parks. But take it from us, AMI‘s nightlife hotspots are one of a kind.

The perfect picture of Anna Maria Island's nightlife - friends gathering around a bar with drinks in hands, having fun
Credits to AMI Locals

Anna Maria Island may seem small on a map, but don’t let that deceive you.

From dusk till dawn, AMI’s absolutely packed with the best kind of nightlife activities.

And to make it even easier for you to navigate the island, we’ve compiled this nightlife guide, especially for you!

AMI’s Renowned Nightlife Bars

Anna Maria Island has a plethora of bars and pubs for friends and family to stop by, and enjoy the best nightlife experience AMI has to offer.

So let’s take a look at a few we really advise you to check on!

Bortell’s Lounge

For all you sports enthusiast looking for somewhere to hangout with your friends to watch the match tonight, AMI’s Bortell’s Lounge is the spot for you.

Grab some wings at Anna Maria Island's Bortell's Lounge. Established in 1977, and one of AMI's hottest nightlife attractions
Credits to Bortell’s Lounge

In addition to its prime location on AMI’s Gulf Drive and Spring Avenue, Bortell’s Lounge boasts a perfect proximity to the island’s breathtaking beaches, making it one of the most targeted bars on the island.

Grab a pizza and a beer while watching the game at AMI's Bortell's Lounge, a nightlife hotspot on the island.
Credits to Bortell’s Lounge

As a historic part of Anna Maria Island’s nightlife scene, this bar has established itself a favorite amongst AMI locals and visitors alike.

So if you’re looking for the perfect sports bar to watch your favorite teams play, look no further than AMI’s Bortell’s Lounge.

And don’t forget to sample they scrumptious and unique menu items like the Fried Bird Sandwich, Thighs and Mashed, and the Fried Thumbs.

Stop by Anna Maria Island’s Bortell’s lounge, grab a beer with friends and watch any game you’d like on one of the bar’s many flat screen TVs.

Anchor Inn Bar

Located on AMI’s Holmes Beach, the Anchor Inn bar is a traditional dive bar where you can gather with family and friends to drink, dance and play a round of darts.

If you’re an AMI local or visitor, the Anchor Inn bar will have its doors open for you from 7am till 3am, welcoming you with open arms to enjoy one of the best nightlife experiences Anna Maria Island has to offer.

Its homely atmosphere and super friendly staff really set it apart from other nightlife attractions.

So after a long day at Anna Maria Island’s beaches, you’ll absolutely love ending your day at this bar with your friends, playing a game of pool, a round of darts or simply just grabbing a refreshing beer or cocktail.

End your day at AMI's Anchor Inn bar with your friends, playing a game of pool, a round of darts or simply just grabbing a refreshing beer or cocktail.
Credits to Bigs Bar

Hurricane Hanks

Another top pick of Anna Maria Island’s best nightlife hotspots is Hurricane Hanks.

Although the kitchen opens from 11:30am till 10pm, the bars stays open well until midnight.

Anna Maria Island's Hurricane Hanks - the perfect mix of calm and fun
Credits to

During the daytime, you’ll find this AMI gem to be a quiet, serene and welcoming restaurant, where you and your group can grab the best seafood platters on the island.

Even at night, you’ll find the bar to be the perfect mix of calm and fun – you can easily hold a conversation with your friends without battling the excessively loud music.

A word of advice, if you’re visiting day or night, you simply must sample their mouthwatering menu items.

They offer you a wide range of fresh seafood platters, sandwiches and burgers.

Inside tip, you can’t go there without trying their Schrimp Scampi – it’s simply divine!

Hurricane Hanks's mouthwatering menu selection - best nightlife experience on Anna Maria Island
Credits to

AMI’s Hurricane Hanks will leave you wanting for nothing – an experience you’ll always remember!

The Ugly Grouper

Here’s a fun fact – did you know that Anna Maria Island’s Ugly Grouper isn’t just a restaurant?

It’s well known to be one of the island’s hottest sport bars and live music venues.

A picture of AMI's Ugly Grouper, affectionately drawn by Robert, a local artist
Credits to Robert the Artist

Aside from its lively and entertaining environment, the Ugly Grouper is also known for having the occasional family game night, food challenge, and even inviting the bar’s visitors to join their live music lineup.

Suffice to say that the Ugly Grouper is the place to be!

AMI's Ugly Grouper's special menu options
Credits to the Ugly Grouper

With a amazing selection of cocktails and drinks, and an unforgettable dining experience with menu options that’ll leave you craving to try them all, the Ugly Grouper really knows how to set itself apart from the rest of the island’s bars.

We’d personally recommend our own favorite dish – the Maque Choux Pompano.

And for anyone looking for Gluten free options, they’ve got you covered.

The Bridge Tender Inn

With a dockside bar and grill, the Bridge Tender Inn has cemented its place amongst Anna Maria Island hottest restaurants and bars.

AMI's Bridge Tender Inn, one of the best dockside bars and gills on the island.
Credits to TripAdvisor

And it’s also become an integral part of AMI’s nightlife experience, with its variety of cocktails and location right by the dock.

Being one of Anna Maria Island's best dockside bars and grills, grad a chilled beer or a refreshing cocktail, chill by the dock and enjoy the fresh island breeze.
Credits to the Bridge Inn

A perfect combination of an American dining and drinking experience, mixed with Anna Maria Island’s unique taste and vibe, the Bridge Tender Inn is definitely worth a spot on your bucket list of bars to visit when on the island.

And an inside tip, make sure to try out their Doggie Burger – it’s a meal you won’t be able to forget!

So stop by one of AMI’s best bars and enjoy their friendly and relaxing ambiance, their mouthwatering menu, down a few beers and dance the night away.

What about an Anna Maria Island Karaoke night?

It should be noted that Anna Maria Island’s nightlife experience isn’t limited to its restaurants and sports bars.

What could be more fun than enjoying a karaoke night with your family and friends!

In Cahoots Karaoke Bar

Located on Manatee Avenue in Bradenton, In Cahoots Karaoke bar is merely a 10 min drive to Anna Maria Island.

In Cahoots Pub will offer you the ultimate nightlife experience, with billiard tables, dart games, a karaoke station, flat screen TVs and of course, a bar where you can grab any drink you like.
Credits to In Cahoots Pub

Opening its doors from noon till 2:30am, its the perfect hangout for a group of friends looking for a place to kick back with a beer, play a round of pool or darts, and even belt their hearts out while singing their go-to karaoke song.

Offering you the ultimate nightlife experience, the In Cahoots Pub is hands own, one of Bradenton’s best bars.

Gather around for the best experience and make the best memories with your friends, while grabbing the most delicious food and drinks
Credits to AMI resorts

Whether you feel like playing a game of billiards or a round of darts with your friends, watching the game on one of the bar’s many flat screen TVs, singing your heart out in Karaoke, or just stopping by the bar for one the pub’s signature drinks, In Cahoots is definitely the spot for you!

Anna Maria Island Festivals

In addition to the aforementioned nightlife activities you could partake in when visiting Anna Maria Island, we mustn’t forget mentioning one of its most famous yearly festivals.

St. Petersburg Seafood and Music Festival

Strictly speaking, St. Pete’s Seafood & Music Festival isn’t on Anna Maria Island itself, but about a 40 min drive from it.

But it’s an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss out on!

The St. Petersburg Seafood and Music Festival will come alive at night, with its live music performances
Credits to Groupon

The annual St. Petersburg Seafood and Music Festival usually takes place around late February of each year, and spans over a weekend.

For example this year, the festival took place in North Straub Park from February 24th till the 26th, and it stayed open till 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

Such a festival is organized by Paragon Festivals, who also put together a variety of other events in Florida throughout the year.

Now we know what you’re thinking – isn’t a festival usually considered a daytime activity?

Even if St. Pete’s Seafood and Music Festival starts during the day, it really comes alive at night.

And aside from serving their unique spins on traditional seafood meals, the festival also hosts several live performances, both from local and visiting artists!

St. Petersburg Seafood and Music Festival will leave its unique spin on every seafood dish it serves
Credits to Sarasota Magazine

So if you’re staying on Anna Maria Island or any of its adjacent areas, the St. Pete Seafood & Music Festival should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Add that to all the bars and restaurants we’ve previously mentioned, and you’re sure to have the perfect nightlife experience!

And if you’re looking for a homely and luxurious place to go back to after such a fun and busy day, Tstays offers the best and most comfortable homes on and off the island.

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