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Top 14 Fun Family Activities on Navarre Beach


Known for its crystal clear waters and white sands, Navarre Beach has cemented itself as the ultimate destination for families looking for fun and exciting adventures and activities.

And when planning your perfect fun family outing, some places on and around Navarre beach simply must make your itinerary.

Whatever you and your family members may crave, from kayaking and jet skiing to visiting zoos and museums, you’re bound to find it in our guide of Navarre beach.

So what are we waiting?

Let’s begin, shall we?

Gulf Breeze Zoo

There isn’t a family in the animal kingdom you won’t find when visiting the renowned Gulf Breeze Zoo.

Located in Woodlawn Beach, neighboring Navarre, Gulf Breeze Zoo prides itself on having a wide range of animals, including giraffes, hippos, and many species of reptiles, primates and birds.

Navarre's Gulf Breeze Zoo offers many fun family activities, amongst which is a first hands experience with the animals, like feeding the giraffes.
Credits to Gulf Breeze Zoo

Your little ones will find nothing more fun than up-close and personal encounters with all these animals.

You can go on a tour, visiting each animal in its habitat, and your kids will have the best time interacting with the animals and feeding them.

And did we forget to mention their Safari Express Train?

It is, without a doubt, the most fun method to take a tour through the Gulf Breeze Zoo’s Park.

A map, including the Gulf Breeze Zoo's various attractions and tours, for the most fun experience possible.
Credits to Gulf Breeze Zoo

What also sets Gulf Breeze Zoo apart from the rest of Navarre’s attractions is its variety of hosted events, playgrounds and amusement parks, from carousels to mini trains.

And they’re not just about fun.

They also offer many educational programs, from camps to day trips, where kids can greatly benefit from learning about animal behavior and habitat preservation.

Emerald Coast Science Center

Located in Fort Walton Beach, a mere 20 minute drive to Navarre Beach, the Emerald Coast Science Center is a well-known, non profit organization and museum, offering a range of fun, interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for all ages.

This center is particularly devoted to inspiring the younger generation, and providing them with a fun and engaging experience about our world’s scientific wonders.

Navarre's Emerald Coast Science Center's scientific exhibits are the perfect combination of fun, entertainment and education.
Credits to Expedia

Not to mention, its educational programs are top notch!

The Emerald Coast Science Center’s scientific exhibits are the perfect combination of fun, entertainment and education.

Amongst their most fun and famous exhibits, we can’t go on without mentioning the hurricane stimulator, the life size model of the humpback whale, and an abundance of displays pertaining to fascinating topics like sound, light and electricity.

The Emerald Coast Science Center offers a variety of fun and engaging displays, from marine life to planets and black holes.
Credits to Expedia

And their planetarium in particular is quite breathtaking.

It’ll certainly peak your kids’ interests in not just planets, galaxies and stars, but the many wonders and mysteries of black holes and dark matter.

Don’t just take our word for it. Make sure to stop by with your family next time you’re passing by Navarre.

Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Located right on Navarre Beach, the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center has become renowned for its efforts to spread awareness regarding sea turtles and their preservation.

And they adapt a great and fun approach when educating the younger generation on such subjects.

They offer various educational programs and tours throughout their facilities, turtle rehabilitation pools, and research labs.

NBSTCC's Sweet Pea, one of the center's most popular rescue turtles.
Credits to NBSTCC

Children are bound to relish the fun of discovering about all the turtle species out there, and how to best protect them and their habitat from pollution, waste and climate change.

Through their interactive exhibits and displays, the NBSTCC ensures children learn about Navarre’s marine life in a fun and engaging way.

Oh, and the highlight of visiting NBSTCC, is getting to see their shining star, Sweet Pea.

Hers is a heartbreaking story, but one that teaches not to act selfishly and recklessly, so as not to endanger other turtles like her.

Beach Sand Sculptures

And now to take a slight break from fun indoor activities, we’d like to introduce you to Sandcastle Lessons by Beach Sand Sculptures.

This company offers sandcastle building lessons, while providing all necessary equipment and tools, of course.

And when we say sandcastles, we don’t just mean your run of the mill castle that you might make with a small shovel and bucket.

No. We mean the most grandiose, extravagant sandcastles you’re yet to lay eyes on.

With the help of professional instructors, and their hands-on guidance, you don’t need to worry much about the technicalities that go into the building process.

And even though they don’t offer lessons immediately on Navarre Beach yet, they’re stationed all over Fort Walton Beach, Destin Beach, Miramar Beach and many of the Navarre area’s neighboring beaches.

So next time you visit Navarre, make sure to stop by SandCastle Lessons for some much needed fun family time.

Fishing on Navarre Beach Fishing Pier

Known for being the longest pier in the state of Florida, Navarre Beach Fishing Pier is a popular destination for people of all ages.

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just a newbie, and whether you’re going there on your own or looking to teach your kids how to catch their first fish, Navarre Beach Fishing Pier promises fun memories for all its visitors.

And you don’t need to worry about any lack of fishing gear if you’re stopping by last minute.

The pier is full of bait and tackle shops, where you can easily rent out any fishing gear appropriate for you.

It should also be noted that any child below the age of 16 wouldn’t need a fishing license when fishing with an already licensed adult.

And with it being beautifully perched on the Gulf of Mexico, make sure to stop by this pier at sunset – the kaleidoscope of colors you’ll see is nothing short of breathtaking.

Fast Eddie’s Fun Center

Looking for fun activities and games that all your family members can enjoy? Well Fast Eddie’s Fun Center is the place for you!

Located in Pensacola – neighboring Navarre, Fast Eddie’s offers quite the range of both indoor and outdoor activities, for families of all ages.

From go-karts, laser tag and bumper boats to mini golf, batting cages and many arcade games, you’ll definitely find something to entertain you here.

Well known for its 1200 feet long go-kart course, family members of all ages will have the time of their lives at Fast Eddie's Fun Center
Credits to Visit Pensacola

Their go-kart track alone is 1200 feet in length. And add to that their 18-hole miniature golf course, their rock climbing wall, water slides, and 5000 square feet laser tag arena with various themes from pirate ships to zombie apocalypse…

Do we even need to go on?

Next time you’re passing by Navarre, or even near it, make sure to pass by Fast Eddie’s Fun Center for the ultimate fun experience.

Fort SK8 Family Fun Center

Feeling like roller skating? Then look no further than Fort SK8 Family Fun Center.

Located on Fort Walton Beach, Fort SK8’s the perfect fun family outing with different entertaining indoor activities.

Having a vast indoor roller skating ring, and many different arcade games like Pac-Man, Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Resolution, have no doubt that you’ll find the fun you’re seeking here.

Families of all ages, enjoying their time at the roller skating ring at Fort SK8 Family fun Center.
Credits to Facebook

Fort SK8 Family Fun Center also has an indoor arena, dedicated for laser tag group games.

And if it’s your kids’ birthday, and you’re looking for a venue with a lot of space, that will guarantee a fun time, we highly recommend Fort SK8.

Don’t pass up on this fun opportunity!

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

A must stop for all marine life lovers, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park can also double as a fun way to introduce your kids into the wonders and mysteries of aquatic flora and fauna.

Offering a wide range of interactive exhibits and animal encounters, the Gulfarium’s many educational programs and displays will, without a doubt, fascinate and captivate your little ones.

And once there, be sure to book one their many hands-on animal experiences, such as swimming with dolphins, feeding penguins and interacting with stingrays, crabs, sea urchins, sea stars and many more aquatic animals.

One the many fun and captivating dolphin shows at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. Make sure to stop by here next time you're visiting Navarre.
Credits to Gulfarium

The park also features many dolphin and sea lion shows.

And you even get the chance to book a behind-the-scenes tour of these shows, to get a closer look into how intelligent these animals actually are.

We honestly can’t think of any activity that could be more fun and educational for all family members alike.

Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

Located in Fort Walton Beach, a 20 minute drive from Navarre, Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone has definitely earned its spot on our list of fun family activities.

Saying that your kids will have a blast here will be an understatement.

And not just kids. All family members of all ages will have extreme fun while at Wild Willy’s.

The Dinosaur Park at Wild Willy's Adventure Zone
Credits to Expedia

Their Dinosaur Adventure Park alone has an 18-hole mini golf course, an exciting rope course featuring obstacles and zip lines, and a 4D theater for all the family to enjoy.

And let’s not forget their state-of-the-art laser tag arena, their various arcade games, their exhilarating roller coaster ride, and their bumper boats which you can ride around the pond while aiming fun squirt guns at other boats.

With all these fun attractions, there’s no doubt that your entire family will greatly enjoy Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone.

Sam’s Fun City

In the heart of Pensacola, Sam’s Fun City prides itself on the variety of attractions and fun water rides it has.

Its water park, Sam’s Surf City, has become quite known for its many spectacular water slides, its lazy river and its wave pool.

Sam's Fun City and Surf City in Pensacola. If you're in Navarre, visit this water park with your family, and have the best time on its water slides and many different games and attractions.
Credits to family days out

And when visiting, make sure to take advantage of all the attractions the place has to offer.

Take your shot on its mini golf course, battle it out in their laser tag arena, and challenge yourself with its rope course with various obstacles, suitable for all ages and skill levels.

You, your kids, and your entire family will have the best time, and make fun memories while at Sam’s Fun City.

Glow Paddle

Do you feel like paddling with the family, but it’s late at night? Well, Glow Paddle‘s got you covered.

They’ve set themselves apart from other such spots with their unique and fun LED kayaks and paddle boards.

The fun, beautiful and colorful kayaks and paddle boards at Glow Paddle, Navarre Beach
Credits to TripAdvisor

Having three locations – two in Pensacola Beach and one in Navarre Beach, you’ll be able to visit them anywhere you are in Panhandle.

And don’t worry about your little ones while there.

If your kid is younger than 10 years old, and over 30 lbs., an adult must be present with them in the kayak or paddle.

And for children between the ages of 10 and 17, they’re free to rent out their separate paddles, with parental permission of course.

They pride themselves on following all safety regulations and procedures, to ensure all family members’ safety.

So what could be more fun than paddling at night, in the clear waters by Navarre beach’s shores, and in LED illuminated kayaks and paddle boards!

Big Kahuna’s

Located in Destin, Florida, Big Kahuna’s is a renowned water park, offering some of the best and most thrilling water rides and slides ever.

Around a 30 minute drive from Navarre, this immaculate water park has many various fun attractions, each with its own unique theme.

Big Kahuna's fun water park, with its many different water slides and parks.
Credits to Facebook

And we can’t stress this enough! You really should try out each and every one of their rides.

Off the top of our heads, we can recommend their Honolulu Half-Pipe, Jumanji, and the Kowabunga Racer.

And we don’t wanna forget their vast mini-gold course.

Big Kahuna's mini-golf course, guarantying a fun time for all family members.
Credits to Big Kahuna’s

And if you and your little ones grow a bit tired in between rides, they have many cabanas where you can rest up, while grabbing a quick bite from one of their food and drink stalls.

Don’t forget to stop by any of their gift shops, for a memorabilia of all the fun memories you’ve made here with your family.

A word of advice though, Big Kahuna’s is open seasonally, so make sure to check their website before stopping by.

Snorkeling Along Navarre and Pensacola Beach

Both Navarre beach and Pensacola beach are world renowned for their crystal clear waters and fine white sands. So don’t be surprised that snorkeling made it onto our list.

Snorkeling along the shores of Navarre, in the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and having the most fun encountering marine life, like turtles and dolphins.
Credits to Get Relaxing

First, make sure to stop by Navarre Beach Marine Park!

They offer a designated snorkeling area, open to public use, free of charge.

The waters there are crystal clear, with quite a few shallow areas for your young kids to swim safely and snorkel at no too deep of a depth.

And don’t worry about the equipment needed.

This park has many rental shops, and provides guided water tours to help discover and swim along with all of Navarre’s colorful fish.

Another spot families simply must visit, is the Gulf Island National Seashore.

Make sure to go snorkeling along its nearby reefs, and even take a boat tour of its majestic waters.

The expanse of the Gulf Island National Seashore, a prime location for families to visit when looking for fin activities, like snorkeling and taking boat tours.
Credits to Expedia

And let’s not forget Pensacola Beach, a mere 15 minute drive from Navarre beach.

Another prime snorkeling location, with beautiful waters and mesmerizing marine life. All of which you can discover on one the many guided tours you can book there.

No matter the spot you end up choosing, make sure to follow all necessary safety guidelines and regulations and, most of all, have a fun family time!

Family Photography Session

After experiencing all the fun activities Navarre and its neighboring areas have to offer, a family photography session is exactly what you need to cement all the fun memories you’ve made here.

While you’re bound to take many pictures with your own phone, professional photographers have the equipment and expertise to bring a unique perspective to your vacation photos.

And Navarre has some of the best photographers you can book with.

Amongst our personal favorites are Shelley Bressman Photography, Jessica Salort Photography, and Whitney Sims Photography.

With all these fun activities that we’ve mentioned, there’s definitely no room for doubt that Navarre will be the ideal family destination for your next vacation.

And when staying here, make sure to book with Tstays!

They offer some of the best accommodations right on Navarre Beach.

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