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Every Couple’s Perfect Romantic Day on Anna Maria Island


Anna Maria Island isn’t just known for its mesmerizing blue waters and white sand beaches. It’s also a prime romantic destination for couples everywhere.

From waking up and enjoying breakfast together, to finishing the day with a picnic by the beach at sunset, AMI will be the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your significant other, and escape to the beauty and serenity that is Anna Maria Island.

A couple clinking their champagne glasses together, enjoying a romantic dinner
Credits to iStock

The perfect romantic day for couples await you on Anna Maria Island.

Ginny and Jane E’s Café and Gift Store

Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast at Ginny and Jane E’s Café & Gift Store.

Located on Gulf Drive, right on Anna Maria Island, Ginny and Jane E’s is a well-known bakery, beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Serving a wide array of pastries and sandwiches – all made fresh each day, the ambience here is ideal for couples looking to get a head start on their day with a romantic breakfast.

Whether you’re looking to start your day with a sandwich, a salad, a soup, a quiche, or simply a cinnamon roll, you’ll find what you’re craving here.

A painting of Ginny and Jane E's café and gift store, located on Anna Maria Island - the perfect spot for couples to enjoy their breakfast
Credits to Robert the Artist

Not to mention this café’s simplistic set up really set it apart from any other on the island, and give it that romantic vibe.

You and your partner will be surrounded by the chatter and laughter of other couples and families, making the overall atmosphere of the café all the more enjoyable.

And lest we forget, you need to try their smoothies while you’re there. They’re heavenly!

After you’re done with your breakfast, make sure to stop by their gift store, and pick up a souvenir to commemorate your romantic trip with your partner.

Cruise Along Anna Maria Island on Tandem Bicycles

After the perfect romantic breakfast, start your journey of exploring the beauty of Anna Maria Island and all its historical grandeur.

And what better way for couples to cruise around the island than on a tandem bike!

A young couple enjoying a romantic ride on a tandem bike, cruising along the Anna Maria Island Pier.
Credits to Bike Lock Wiki

Many couples have been sighted going around the island on these bikes, laughing and having the time of their lives, while stopping by the various shops and boutiques.

So it’s safe to say you and your partner will have a blast trying this activity out.

And if you’re worried about where you might be able to get such a bike, there’s no shortage of rental shops on Anna Maria Island, from Beach Bums AMI to Lazy Turtle Beach Rentals, and many more.

Couples’ Massage at Aluna Wellness Center and Spa

Aluna Wellness Center and Spa on Anna Maria Island will, without a doubt, offer you the best couples’ massage experience, for maximum relaxation.

After a long day filled with activities and adventures throughout Anna Maria Island, what better way to unwind than by booking a couple’s massage session?

Let all your stress and fatigue float away with Aluna Wellness Center’s best services.

A young lady, leaving all her stress behind and enjoying a relaxing massage at Aluna Wellness Center and Spa, on Anna Maria Island. It's also perfect for couples looking to get a peaceful massage and spa experience together.
Credits to Aluna Wellness

Aluna Wellness Center and Spa is the perfect chance for some well deserved quality time with your significant other.

And their services aren’t just limited to massages.

Treat yourself and your partner to a facial, an acupuncture session, and even take advantage of one of their healing therapies, from sound therapy to Reiki.

Their sessions vary from 60 to 90 minutes, and you’ll of course be occupying a private room with your partner, so privacy won’t be an issue.

And you can even book a yoga class with Aluna!

A Romantic Sunset Excursion with Flip Flops Sailing

What could be more romantic than setting sail with your partner at sunset? That’s exactly what Flip Flops Sailing is offering you.

The chance to enjoy a romantic sailing experience, while marveling at the beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that is Anna Maria Island’s sunset.

And depending on the area you choose to book your excursion in, from Passage Key to Egmont Key, you can either go swimming, hunting for sand dollars, or simply sit back with your partner and enjoy watching the dolphins and sea turtles in the waters.

Enjoy a romantic sailing experience, while marveling at the beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that is Anna Maria Island's sunset.
Credits to GetYourGuide

You can even pick whether you’d like to book a private excursion with your partner alone, or join a public excursion, sailing with others.

The size of the boats vary from fitting two on-boarders to fitting six, depending on the type of excursion you’ve chosen, of course.

So book your excursion with Flip Flops Sailing, grab a drink, and enjoy a romantic journey with your partner on the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Now of course, you can book these excursions anytime during the day, but take it from us, it’s the most romantic at sunset.

We can’t think of anything that can trump this.

Sandy Toes Luxury Beach Picnics

What better way to end your day than with a romantic picnic, right by the crystal clear waters of Anna Maria Island?

Now we know what you’re thinking – planning and preparing for a picnic takes quite the time and effort.

Well have no worries, cause Sandy Toes Luxury Beach Picnics have got you covered.

Located in Bradenton, they offer couples the best experience at a romantic picnic, with a customized service, depending on what each couple prefers.

Just pick your choice of theme and food and beverages, and they’ll present you with the ultimate romantic picnic set up you’ve ever experienced.

You can even hand pick what goes on your picnic’s charcuterie board.

And it’s not just simple picnics that Sandy Toes cater to. They also extend their services if you’re planning a special event – maybe you wanna pop the big question.

They even have a photographer on standby, whom you can book in case you wanna commemorate the romantic night and its special memories.

So what are you still waiting for?!

Come on over to Anna Maria Island, and plan the perfect couple’s day. Keep the romance alive!

And if you’re looking for a rental to end your long day of exploration at, then there’s no better than Tstays Vacation Rentals, where you can choose whether to rent a place on Anna Maria Island itself, or in Bradenton, within a 10-15 minute drive to the island.

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