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A Day in Holmes Beach: Itinerary for a Perfect Island Getaway


Holmes Beach, located on the gorgeous coastline of Anna Maria Island, provides a tranquil respite from the rush and bustle of everyday life. This island paradise is ideal for a revitalizing holiday, with its sugar-white sandy beaches, turquoise seas, and pleasant atmosphere. We’ve created a planned schedule that blends leisure, adventure, and indulgence to help you make the most of your day in Holmes Beach.


1. Start your day with a sunrise at Manatee Public Beach:

Begin your day with a breathtaking dawn at Manatee Public Beach. Gentle waves, soft sand, and brilliant sky colors offer a gorgeous environment for a tranquil morning stroll.

2. Breakfast at Peach’s Restaurant:

For a wonderful breakfast, head to Peach’s Restaurant, a local favorite. Fuel yourself for the day ahead with fluffy pancakes, hefty omelets, and freshly made coffee.


3. Coquina Beach Beachcombing:

Take in the beautiful splendor of Coquina Beach, which is noted for its shell-rich shoreline. Collect one-of-a-kind shells and take in the spectacular vistas of the Gulf of Mexico. For a comfortable beachcombing experience, bring sunscreen and a beach hat.

4. Island pedaling Adventure:

Rent bikes from a local shop and begin on a leisurely riding tour around the island. The flat terrain and bike-friendly roads make it simple to discover Holmes Beach’s beautiful neighborhoods, tropical vistas, and hidden jewels.


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5. Lunch at The Feast Restaurant:

Head to The Feast Restaurant for a delightful lunch experience. This hidden treasure has a varied cuisine that includes fresh seafood, salads, and tasty sandwiches. Enjoy your dinner in a relaxed setting surrounded by the natural beauty of the island.


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6. Pine Avenue Shopping:

Spend an afternoon visiting the various boutiques and shops on Pine Avenue. You’ll find things that embody the character of Holmes Beach, from beachwear and souvenirs to local artwork. Don’t miss out on a trip around the lively Pine Avenue Market.

7. Bean Point Beach Relaxation:

Unwind at Bean Point Beach, a calm place with less people and excellent views. Enjoy the nice sea air, read a book, or simply gaze out over the Gulf of Mexico.


8. Dinner at The beachfront Restaurant:

Round up your day with a beachfront meal at The Waterfront Restaurant. While watching the sunset across the water, indulge in fresh seafood, delicious cuisine, and handmade beverages.


9. Sunset at Anna Maria City Pier:

Finish your great day by visiting the historic Anna Maria City Pier. As pelicans soar effortlessly overhead, watch the sunset paint the sky with orange and pink hues.

A day at Holmes Beach is a perfect combination of leisure, adventure, and coastal beauty. This island retreat offers a remarkable experience that embodies the spirit of Anna Maria Island’s beauty and warmth, whether you’re beachcombing, riding, shopping, or relishing excellent meals. After spending your whole day out, head to one of our Vacation rentals to relax and unwind!

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